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Why Playdough?

There are so many reasons as to why Playdough is beneficial for your child.

Number one, and absolutely most importantly: Five. Minutes. Peace. Just those five minutes to take a slurp of your cuppa will make the world of difference to your day, trust me.

2 - Develop those all important fine motor skills! As your child squishes, squashes, rolls and squeezes, they are all the while strengthening their delicate hand muscles; allowing for tighter grips and finite actions used when holding scissors, pencils, buttons and more.

3 - Hand-eye Coordination. All of the fabulous motions your child goes through to mould the dough into that cake with sprinkles or robot they've been working so hard on, will be helping your child see and then do.

4 - Imagination. I've mentioned before that playdough is fabulously open ended and absolutely, the world is their oyster. If they can dream it, they can make it. It doesn't have to be a Michelangelo (although *snigger* now that would be something!), if they've dreamt it and made it, well that's just incredible and bring me swiftly onto...

5 - Language. Whether your child is describing their make or using dough in small world play, you will undoubtedly be interacting with them (minus your 5 Minute Cuppa, of course), asking questions and role playing, all the while encouraging their language development.

6 - Pre-writing Skills. All that wonderful fine motor development is enabling your child to learn those all important pre-writing skills such as pincer grip. There is an activity called Disco Dough (click here) which encourages dough play though music; perfect for developing all the motions your child needs for pre and early writing.

7 - Sensory. Our dough is beautifully soft and wonderfully scented; a real treat for all senses. (Except taste, don't taste it, it's just a tad salty...)

8 - It's Fun! So, so fun. :)

Today’s antics - I’ll probably post more
Apparently, this is ‘Crunchy Cookies’ 🤣
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