Dinosaur Playdough Kit

Welcome to the world 230 Million years ago.


It's nothing like the world you know now; there are no buildings or cars, no roads or parks. The Earth is gorgeously green with gigantic plants and- what's that I hear? What's that ROAR? What is that Stomp Stomp Stomp?!


Quick! Watch Out! The Dinosaurs are about!!!




Watch your child's imagination run wild with our Dinosaur Land Playdough Kit.


In your kit you will find:- 200g of Scented Red tones Dino Dough

- 200g of Scented Green tones Dino Dough

- 3 Wicker Balls

- 3 Fire Grapat Loose Parts

- 2 Handmade Dinosaur 'Fossils'

- Large selection of loose parts


All of our wonderful kits are handmade and put together. Playdough, especially when coupled with loose parts of varying textures, is a fantastic sensory play aid, developing your child’s imagination and fine motor skills.


All of our Playdough is taste safe and beautifully scented!


We do our best to ensure little to no plastic in our loose parts and all packaging is reusable and recyclable.


Please note: due to the hand made process of creating the dough, slight variants in colour may occur. Small parts may vary on occasion.


CE Tested.


WARNING:Due to small parts, we recommend play is always supervised and for 3+ years only. Although the dough is taste safe and smells delicious, we do not advise eating it. Every attempt is made to ensure our dough contains zero allergens, dough is made in a place where nuts are also available, please check when placing an order of you have any particular allergies. Contains Wheat Flour.

Dinosaur Playdough Kit