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We love our planet!


Did you know that here at Scarlett's Senses we are passionate about waste reduction and protecting our planet!


All of our products are Eco Friendly, even down to the dough.

Packaging - fully reusable and recyclable, from the postal boxes and tape, to the tins inside

Dough - fully compostable once you no longer need or want the product, just pop it on your compost heap or in your food waste

Loose Parts - unless stated, all lose parts are made with recyclable materials such as wood and glass etc, any plastic found will never be single use

Our Tins are excellent for multi use and my gorgeous team over on Instagram have been showing us just what you can use them for once no longer needed to keep your dough - take a look at their fab ideas!

Do you have an idea to share?

We'd love to see your ideas for reusing our tins! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and if we feature you on our socials, we'll send you a little something!

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