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Who are we?

Hi! I'm Laura, the owner of Scarlett's Senses and this is my gorgeous 4 year old, Scarlett.

I started making playdough when my little one was just 2 years old. I found a recipe online and was instantly hooked after my first batch! There has been a lot of tweaking to ensure I have exactly the right consistency and trust me, a lot of dough has found its way to the compost heap!

I started this little venture back in September 2019 and I honestly cannot believe the response I have had so far, thank you. Thank you for all of the support and kindness you have shown me, it really means a lot.

I really, really enjoy creating new kits and my favourite part of this business is when you challenge me with new customs, I've done so many different styles so please keep them coming. A few I have created:​

- Romans

- Bird House

- Fire

- Plane

- Numbers

- Body

- Wheel of life

I'm sure that is enough rambling from me for now - thank you once again and I look forward to working on your orders.

Laura x

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